Product Spotlight//

Fashion Pet Bowls and Accessories

Our family dogs, very much like ourselves, love the simple things in life and love. It is with this in mind that Royal Trade USA  manufactured a line of stylishly unique pet bowls and accessories known as Buddy’s Line!   Buddy’s Line offers veterinarian recommended pet-healthy designer fashion pet bowls and accessories that you and your pets will appreciate.  Buddy’s Line caters to pet owners who thrive on integrating their pets’ lives with their own. Specializing in functional and aesthetic pet accessories for the home, Buddy’s Line of designer pet bowls and pet accessories strives to strike a better balance between utility, affordability and style. Buddy’s Line of Fusion pet bowls and accessories are a popular designer pet bowl line, fitted with non-slip rubber bases and available in a variety of fashion home décor colors. Buddy’s Fusion line offers unique and stylish pet bowls and accessories at affordable prices. Take a moment to browse to see for yourself all the various pet bowls, blankets, mats and other accessories Buddy’s Line has to offer!