3 Reasons Stainless Steel Dog Bowls Are Healthier For Your Pet

February 12, 2013 | Posted by Jillian Admin

Buddy's Line Stainless Steel Bowls

As a dog parent, we know you care deeply for your favorite four-legged pals. You invest in your dogs’ health by choosing high quality dog food, you see your veterinarian on a regular basis, and you make sure Fido gets lots of exercise and play time. You help to protect your loyal companion at all costs from diseases and illnesses. But what about your dogs’ food and water bowls, something they use every day? Could their bowls be making them sick?

Veterinarians recommend that dogs eat and drink from stainless steel bowls for maximum safety and health impact.

Checkout these 3 reasons why stainless steel dog bowls are healthier for your pet.

  1. Stainless Steel Dog Bowls are Non-Porous: Bacteria cannot live as easily on a non-porous material such as stainless steel. By comparison, plastic bowls which are easily scratched tend to trap bacteria in them and then the bacteria is ingested by your dog. Yuck.
  2. Stainless Dog Steel Bowls Use Less Chemicals: During the manufacturing process, stainless steel bowls are exposed to far fewer chemicals than their plastic counterparts. Over time and with exposure to hot and cool temperatures, the chemicals and toxins can be omitted from your dogs’ plastic bowl into the food and water they are consuming.
  3. Stainless Steel Dog Bowls Are Easier to Sanitize: Have a case of Giarada running through your pack? You need to sanitize your dogs’ bowls in the dishwasher at very high temperatures. Stainless steel can be sanitized much more thoroughly than plastic. You don’t see operating rooms with plastic tools and utensils do you?

Stainless steel dog bowls are definitely the healthy choice for your pet.

Buddy's Line

Fortunately, no longer do you have to sacrifice look and design for the healthy benefits of stainless steel. Buddy’s line of pet bowls have been designed for the integrated pet family. Here you can find healthy and stylish, stainless steel dog bowls, along with other pet accessories that blend in with your home décor.

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