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Buddy’s Line Pet Bowls

Buddy’s line of pet bowls have been designed for the integrated pet family.  Here you can find food and water bowls, along with other pet accessories that blend in with your home décor.  Buddy’s Line offers many dish styles, colors and shapes to choose from, including bone shaped double-dinersjumbo easy to grip stainless steel bowls and footed bowls.  Signature fashion print fusion style and top-embossed stainless steel finishes are available in a number of bright and traditional color options.  Buddy’s Line pet bowls feature Poly-Shine fashion print exteriors that offer the most durable flexibility in design and aesthetics.  Available in such eye-catching colors as blue, rose, grey, lilac, fuchsia  and now –teal or brown, Buddy’s Line pet bowls are certain to complement any home!


Functional Designer Pet Products for Any Décor

Buddy’s Fusion pet bowls feature durable stainless steel construction. Stainless steel is the #1 veterinarian recommended material for health, cleanliness and pet safety. Buddy’s Line is sturdy enough to withstand dishwasher disinfection, and attractive enough to leave out in the open – even when company is coming.
Durable and removable rubber bases buffer the pet bowls, eliminating the usual noise at feeding time, preventing spills, and utilizing non-skid characteristics in order to maintain a designated feeding area.  Any Pet Owner is certain to be pleased with all the options that Buddy’s Line of fashion bowls and accessories has to offer!